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Today’s proof by KOBAYASHI Takanobu

VIDEO: YAMADA Ayaka printing her lithograph.

She spent more than two months on this aluminium plate to draw this very delicate image with litho-pencils. 山田彩加

her website:

artist YAMADA Ayaka prints her lithograph

this is her website, please check it:


Chiroptera - Ernst Haeckel illustration from Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms of Nature), 1899-1904 


Chiroptera - Ernst Haeckel illustration from Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms of Nature), 1899-1904 

lithograph by MAEDA Noriaki 2014

lithograph by YAGURAYA Kaya


Graining Sink Archeology

The rumors were true - there was indeed a sink under all these layers of grained yellow and grey sediment! Adventure time day <3

Further reading:

YAGURAYA Kaya signs the edition.

printing lithograph by YAGURAYA Kaya


Philip Guston Lithos

Aight, so first of all - just drove the long distance lover to the airport earlier today. Now experiencing how much more difficult it is to blog when not cranky. On lone evenings, when life makes little sense, it’s pretty easy to write an entry or two and a project proposal. On happy evenings like this it’s like, “what the nuts”, how does one line up thoughts coherently again?

Aaanyway, above see: Philip Guston lithographs. Litho is all about the joy of drawing on stone, when listening to the likes of Bolton Brown or me on any given day. Guston just worked on plates and transfer paper, never actually making it out to Gemini GEL. Dude was like 67 or so when Gemini reached out and sent Serge Lozingot + team over in 1979. You know Serge from “Four Stones for Kanemitsu”. “This print and then no more!
Guston passed away June 1980 with parts of the third portfolio unsigned, which was subsequently “signed” with a stamp authorized by his widow.

Lifted those images from Tate - when in London or going there, make sure to sign up in time (no walk in, takes at least a week or so to get a time) for their print study and see them live! They are huge, and a true pleasure to look at, BHP recommended.

Image details, in order of appearance in image set:


Sea Group

East Side



Guston in Gemini G.E.L.’s online catalogue raisonné:

Also: too much dead dude art recently. Time to write about some recent collaborations and other contemporary things. Once y’all have admired PG to my satisfaction.

And now for something completely different: